27 87

package design

To describe the brand 27 87 in one word would be a challenge. Their image of how they represent themselves is pure, fresh and minimal. It reflects their passion for creating perfumes that will stand out through their elegant, confident yet reserved branding. As the brand describes; 27 87 brings the ancient art of perfumery into the 21st century. 27 87 is the date of birth of a founder Romy Kowalewski and it can be described as innovative and creative, open-minded and independent.

All scents are natural and locally handcrafted in Barcelona which makes it unique, combining the finest ingredients and the high-quality craftsmanship with a touch of today’s lifestyle. It is a perfect match where tradition and modern times meet to become one. Ascent is something that can represent a special moment, person, or feeling in our lives. In contrast to our ever-changing lifestyle choices, the 27 87 design is contemporary and neutral. The packaging was conceived by the Barcelona-based graphic designer Ingrid Picanyol. Every 27 87 perfume is unique, so is each packaging design. It conveys the inspiration, emotion or ingredients of the liquid inside the bottle.

I adore their concept which is represented in such clean and pure way. All the collections have different ingredient combinations, from mint, shisho leaves and musk to red pepper, ginger and rock rose. A perfume house that presents all its scents in beautifully minimalist packaging.

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