Apartment 62


Located in Warsaw, in the heart of Poland, the charismatic Apartment 62 is a masterclass in efficiency and contemporary minimalism. Architect Andrzej Chomski was handpicked to design the project from the ground up; with the mission to offer a project with a bright perspective even without open windows. The white colour scheme was readily available as a solution; it’s a commanding and rewarding presence throughout the studio apartment.

Measuring exactly 62m2, this self-titled project is an example of adaptability to the urban lifestyle, giving the owner the possibility to live in a minimalist haven but without the need to necessarily live a minimalist life. Bespoke furniture is embedded throughout the apartment, from the living room to the gorgeous bedroom sideboards. The colour elements are introduced through plants and touches of wood to offer warmth and a friendly approach to the owner, as requested. Lastly, it is interesting to note the all-important inclusion of black elements in select pieces which work well as contrasting features throughout the apartment.

The lighting project is a feature in itself, juggling slight installations in the corners making for gorgeous thin strips of light. The choice to repeat the same solution was smart, as it creates a welcome geometric pattern and cohesion throughout. Chomski continues his streak as a clever and elegant designer of the white cube aesthetic.

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