TFD Restaurant


When lifestyle brand TFD wanted to add a restaurant to their store in Guangzhou, China, they knew the design needed to stand out and reflect their brand's unique style. Design firm Leaping Creative was up to the challenge, and the stylish, minimal and monochromatic TFD Restaurant was born.

The open concept floor plan is dominated by black and white, the most used colours of fashion designers. These colours are not used in a predictable way, rather they intersect and interact playfully on the walls, floors, and furnishings. Special details add further visual interest: a linear wallpaper presents a fun optical illusion on select walls while oversized globes are attached to others. A straight line of circular lights across the ceiling provides a centre plane which the main room is designed around. One of the back rooms is a small installation space revolving around the egg, a popular ingredient on the restaurant's menu. This lighthearted installation, visible from the dining room and adjacent store, features yellow walls and an egg sculpture.

TFD Restaurant is more than a space for casual dining, it is a lovely display of the brand's character. Whimsical and amusing, with an acute sense of detail, TFD Restaurant is a wonderful addition to the brand's growing repertoire.

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