Yu Hua Tailor

graphic design

Yu Hua Tailor is a home-based dressmaker that works for a private pool of customers in Singapore, and is well known for her meticulousness and ability to construct the finest tailoring details. So in this context, designer Jay Liu created a brilliant branding collection that intends to reflect the passion of Madam Yu. He explains to us:

The passion to her craft is reflected in the logo for the Chinese-led identity, utilising clean typography and extended strokes inspired by thread lines evident in stitching techniques. A blind deboss is consistently applied across the stationery, while a running stitch with natural loose ends can be seen on business cards and letterheads. Having the extended threads open on both ends meant that the business card can also double as a clothing tag to demarcate the various apparel projects. The envelope is intentionally constructed to resemble folded cuffs of the classic white shirt.

There's many aspects of this design that can be appreciated, but what I particularly love about this branding is how an element of tailoring was cleverly incorporated to the identity that ties it all together seamlessly, reflecting the values of the brand and making it identifiable without losing a wonderful purity and minimalism.

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