Bankside Apartment


The Bankside Apartment is HASA Architects' absolute dominion of white colour and the interplay of volumes. Located in London, on the southern bank of the River Thames to be exact, this nimble dwelling is not only blessed with a gorgeous view, but offers a case study of minimalism infused with explicit colourful elements as visual garments.

White colour is explicitly called into sovereignty for this British flat, especially with the bleached timber floor. The visual lightness allows for a serene tone throughout; especially in the bedroom. Within the social areas, an interesting use of artwork is employed alongside carefully curated design pieces. Pastel and muted colours are placed in key points, but they never overstay their welcome. It is a great example of how to maintain the white box concept without giving up on the excitement that art can bring.

HASA Architects' bid for contemporary minimalism is clearly in synch with contemporary musings of London city. Well played.

Photography by James Whitaker.

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