AL-04 Chair

Orlando Pippig

Orlando Pippig's AL-04, the latest addition to his AL series, embodies a unique approach to furniture design. Based in Brooklyn, Orlando focuses on using aluminium as a primary material, exploring its versatility in form and function. The AL-04 chair, like its predecessors, showcases a distinct style where rectangular planes intersect, creating a visual harmony with the thin aluminium plates.

Orlando's design process for AL-04 involved an innovative use of off cuts from previous projects. This method aligns with his commitment to reducing waste, a key aspect of his design philosophy. By experimenting with these off cuts, he achieved the desired dimensions and proportions for AL-04, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to sustainable design.

Distinctively, AL-04 features fastener connections rather than welded joints. This choice not only adds a visual element to the chair but also enhances practical aspects such as ease of distribution, assembly, disassembly, and potential repairs. Orlando's decision to use fasteners over welding underscores his dedication to creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly and sustainable. The AL-04 chair, with its minimalist design and functional adaptability, is a testament to his innovative approach to furniture design.

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