Promenade House


With the growth of population and the lack of land, Japanese dwellings have become a device that's made to adapt.

Four meters wide, the Shiga based Promenade House by Kouichi Kimura Architects uses its elongated massing to make up for the narrow width. The corridor formed by the proportion is broken up with footlights in response to the light shortage. It then opens up to the backyard fully to mirror the entrance - a poetic visual connection. The minimal exterior of white and grey is brought into the interior, reflected through the white walls and concrete stairs. Wooden floor and furniture accents the otherwise stark ambience.

Similar to many Japanese residential projects, the project's lower and upper floor is linked again by a simple ladder. The hallway above divides into two, with one leading to a green space, literally, that is the washroom. The other leads to the bedroom and the child's room, accompanied with skylights. The other end of the hallway is also painted green to weave together the front and back.

With a small color manipulation and the clever execution of a long space with different widths, Kouichi Kimura Architects was able to create an experience of discovering spatial surprises; one that is both livable and rather fun.

Photos Courtesy of Kouichi Kimura Architects

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