Kill Baby Kill


In the midst of the post-war cinema is the chilling and understated evil child sub-genre, an allegory about control and paranoia. Taking subtle cues from the universe of quirky characters, Hong Kong based brand Röyksopp Gakkai explores the silhouettes of kidswear from the 60’s. The collection, Kill Baby Kill, is an interesting ode to school uniforms, Asian tailoring and beautiful simplicity.

The editorial at hand is straightforward as can be, all the while highlighting coy but clearly scheming characters. Ominous looks stand alongside playfulness, each best representing a different garment and tone. A hefty dose of personality is injected into a world that is dominated by a limited colour palette: ash blue, warm grey and the ever-reliable white. Amazingly, several types of fabrics manage to maintain undeniable unity — cashmere, corduroy, wool and peached cotton; a strong sense of minimalism is stamped throughout the various couture styles.

The theatrical element of mistrust is charmingly contained. To adopt minimalism is also a great opportunity to instil control to what could have been a chaotic artistic expression, especially when dealing with a variety of textiles. Don’t be afraid of confronting the rascals.

Photography by Miss Bean.

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