Horizn Travel Accessories


Horizn’s series of Travel Accessories are the things of an urban minimalist’s dream. Comprised of a series of handy, well-executed and thoughtful electronic pieces and casements, the collection goes beyond the standard offering. With the technology-savvy world as muse for their collection, the pieces range from a carry-on suitcase with USB and iPhone to a small sleek wallet. The minimalist efforts extend to the brand and the way that the pieces can each be identified as belonging to the collection, by way of a simple line.

Available in a classic palette of black, navy, olive green and grey, the collection is for the traveller with more to concern themselves than fussiness or unnecessary details. Seamless, refined and well-executed, these pieces help aid the experience of travel, so that the travel can happen. Period. Based in Berlin, Germany, Horizn is a studio solely producing, designing and refining these beauties. Worth a look in, and a carry-on or two.

Photography courtesy of Horizn Studios.

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