Blob VB3


Everyone needs a little extra space in their home and maybe you thought about an outdoor office as a solution. You will already know that most outdoor offices on the market are either badly designed, extremely expensive or both.

Belgian architectural firm dmvA designed Blob VB3, a mobile unit for the office of XfactorAgencies as an extension to the 'house'.

The blob is mainly made by polyester, and holds all necessary items one could possibly need as bathroom, kitchen, lighting, sleeping space and several niches for storage. Moreover, the nose can be opened automatically and functions as a porch. While being closed, it blends into a complete smooth blob. It easily transportable and can also be used as an office, guestroom or garden house.

It is an impressive creation for mobile unit. You could easily use it as an office, a garden-house or whatever you want. The most exciting thing is that it can be moved to any place. Your outdoor lives will be more convenient and of homey comfort.

Photography by Mick Couwenbergh, Rini van Beek and Frederik Vercruysse.

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