THEY New York


Two things are immediately striking for the minimalism enthusiast when looking at THEY New York's collection of beautiful sneakers — one is the astonishing craftsmanship involved in the shoes' embedded geometric shapes, another is the excitement those unexpected shapes cause on the viewer.

THEY is founded siblings Jack and Angela Lin and Steven Jung, three Manhattan-based friends who share an equal passion for an inarguably sophisticated aesthetic and practical functionality. Drawing from the siblings' heritage of a family business that has been working in the Japanese footwear industry for over three generations, along with designers Jack and Steven's shared taste in sneakers, the trio have created a wonderfully fresh brand that carries on 30 years of legacy, yet with a different outlook than strictly manufacturing.

THEY pays homage to the geometric precursors of German Bauhaus and modern Japanese graphics and architecture, expressing an appreciation to the beauty of simplicity that is breathtaking.

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