Casa Garcias


Warm Architects has designed a handsome and well-balanced geometric home in the increasingly popular city of Cancun, Mexico. Casa Garcias is a moderately sized dwelling that appears as a small cube resting atop a larger one. Concrete is the first material on the home to greet you; it covers a main portion of the façade, turning into a form that envelopes the first floor and provides the opportunity for soft down-lights along the entrance. Various sized windows puncture the façade: large squares on the first floor, to incorporate the most light, and smaller slits above, emphasising the need for privacy on the upper level.

Concrete is used in abundance on the interior to visually connect the inside and outside of the home. White sheetrock and black-framed windows neutralise the sterility of the concrete. As with any exemplary residential architecture, the furniture is in keeping with the home's design. Casa Garcias utilises white furnishings with simple lines to accentuate the details within.

In warm a climate such as Mexico's, one must not overlook the need for outdoor space. Warm Architects has paired this home with plenty of outdoor terrace space and a refreshing pool. The exterior dwelling areas maintain privacy with a warm stone wall around the perimeter. Casa Garcias is an excellently crafted home that is sure to please vacationers and design lovers alike.

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