Casa La Palma


The Sun has to be captured, manipulated, seduced: its light stored. Not scattered, but softened. The art of containing light transforms the architect into a translator, an alchemist of sorts.

Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés is responsible for the outstanding design of Casa La Palma, a 1,200m2 house located in Mexico city, of which the main protagonist was given to the sunlight to generate beautiful sensations and atmospheres.

One of the most striking aspects of this dwelling is the architect's handling of light and how it emphasises the robust blocks and the lineal elements throughout the building, producing a beautiful mixture of sober robustness. Something that can be appreciated in all its splendour in the majestic central space.

The architect draws, paints with light, by taking it from dusk or dawn and allowing it to burst into spaces, reflected on walls as if they were canvases.

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