industrial design

Like all great products, Oupio arose from a need, a missing piece identified in the home furnishings market. As technology has increased its presence in our lives and our homes, its utilitarian gadgets have come to clutter our shelves, tables, and workspaces, districting from carefully considered interior design. Oupio is a hybrid—a product that doesn't firmly fall on one side of utility or aesthetics. Rather, Oupio uses interior design principles to create a design that supports how we live today.

Oupio is a smart lamp, a bluetooth speaker, and a gorgeous piece of decor. The beauty of Oupio is that these three functions are seamlessly integrated in one desirable home object. It is both a speaker and a smart lamp at the same time. Oupio is also an experience, one that encourages a healthy relationship with technology. The lamp resets our circadian rhythm with a light spectrum that ranges from white to sunset yellow, allowing our bodies to experience the full range of natural light indoors. The cleverly integrated touch interface controls the functions without distracting from the look of the piece.

The minimal design of Oupio is elegant and timeless. The circular shape feels sophisticated, like something out of an art gallery, yet it is also charming and encourages one to approach it and interact with it. Wood, glass, and metal combine to form a device that is as delightful to view as it is to touch. The versatile shape also means that Oupio can be used as a table lamp or hung as a pendant. Genius!

Find Oupio on Indiegogo, where several rewards will be offered to backers, including discounted lamps and special editions.

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