Casa Luum


Located in the bucolic region of Algarve, Portugal stands Casa Luum—an inspiring holiday retreat. It is a truly minimalist creation by Pedro Domingos Arquitectos, proudly engaging its surrounding through the characteristic Portuguese penchant for vibrant white and geometry as its main visual hooks. It is both a love letter to local architecture sensibilities, and a contemporary push into exciting new directions.

The villa is comprised of several volumes, all centred around the patio—the heart of it all. Acting as the social hub, it is both the perfect place for dining, resting, or enjoying the stone-clad pool. What could have been mere plain spaces, have been cleverly translated into patios throughout the top areas of the villa. Respecting the area’s topography, a playful variation in height ensues, resulting in a quasi-Mediterranean-inspired dwelling.

The whitewashed walls are a constant, both inside and out, as true cohesive vision was skilfully employed by the architects. Restraint is the key word, as the rooms display the same aesthetic as the patio. The expansive 250m² translates to an even greater amplitude thanks to the design choices. Scattered around are interesting flora elements, such as a well placed herb garden, almond and olive trees close by, and beautiful potted plants in jars of clay. The furniture does not lag behind, bringing slender and lightweight wooden elements to the space.

Casa Luum was made to act as a break from the daily hustle, a dwelling made to encourage its lucky inhabitants to wander around through each level, housing its own rewards. From the privacy of the windowless bedrooms to the absolute openness of each patio, this a masterclass of how to blend traditional elements with contemporary austereness.

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