Desert Courtyard House


Stationed in the Sonoran desert of Arizona is the brawny Desert Courtyard House. Designed by Wendell Burnette Architects, Desert Courtyard House is a magnificent home with a tough exterior suitable for the harsh environment.

Rich with towering Saguaros and other succulents, the Sonoran desert is a dramatic landscape that has thrived against all odds. As an ode to the earth's wonders, the structure was assembled using many local materials. The walls and floors utilise natural stone, while a weathered steel exterior gives the appearance of a well-worn rock formation. The courtyard further embraces the habitat, as the design goal was to modify the landscape as little as possible. A sweeping wall of windows opens the home to its courtyard, while a semi-transparent floor incorporates the desert sand into the decor.

Complete with powerful materials and dramatic gestures, Desert Courtyard House doesn't just honour the scenery, it becomes a lovely feature within it.

Photography by Bill Timmerman.

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