graphic design

Classpack is a trademark of BOYCO UK Limited, a company that works with architects, designers, and contractors to create a diverse range of furniture, fittings, and equipment for the learning and teaching environment with an approach to simplify the design, specification and costing.

After 50 years of experience, last August its new minimalist brand identity—created by the multi-disciplinary agency O’Connell & Squelch—was released; a project with the following characteristics explained by the agency:

The selected design route utilises an isometric grid seen throughout graphics and marketing communications literature. Minimal aesthetics and monochromatic branding help to place focus on wood textures and vibrant accent colours within the product ranges. The marque represents a letter C and inspired by design and the modular products solution. The monospaced house font helps to portray a both technical and modern feel to the branding.

Besides the identity design, a casebound book titled Classpack Design and Specification Manual was also created to align with BOYCO's strategy and promise of quality materials. It provides professionals an introduction to the brand, its products, and services. The manual also includes striking case study images and photographs, where the attention to detail throughout superbly reflects the brand's philosophy.

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