Concrete Pots

industrial design

BENTU’s Concrete Plantpots are a combination of restraint and craftsmanship at its finest. The collection sees two varying-sized pots (170mm dia. x 154mm H and 216mm dia. x 204mm H respectively) that fit beautifully as a curated set, or on their own. Made from concrete and set in a combination of a smoothened finish with some nuanced rougher details, these beauties perfectly express the durability and strength of their material, while also adding movement to an otherwise glazed ceramic item.

Bentu is located in Guangzhou, China and a manufacturer of various concrete industrial objects, including lighting, furniture, and decor. Their products include 20% recycled construction waste, which considering the not so desirable embodied energy in manufacturing concrete, this effort is imperative. These Plantpots are the result of many tried and clearly proven experimental explorations of the limits of the material, and produced with precision and quality of the utmost importance—minimal, utilitarian, and beautifully-made.

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