Desk Objects by Max Phillips

industrial design

These ambiguous desk objects by Max Phillips are truly a feat of minimalism. All three objects share the same form, which allows them to conceal their function until they are picked up. Phillips uses switchable smart glass, which turns from opaque to transparent with human touch, to achieve the unique property of these objects. One object is a clock, the other is a light, and the third is a simple container. According to Phillips,

Desk Objects is an exploration into the relationship between product ambiguity and user interaction.

While these objects may not be the most practical items to keep on one's desk, I just love how Phillips explores the relationship between form and function in mundane, everyday objects. My favorite object by far is the container: it looks like the perfect place to hide little knick-knacks! Overall, this set is more conceptual than pragmatic, but I cannot deny the beauty of this design.

See a video of the objects working their magic here.

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