Sabi Leaves

graphic design

Sabi Leaves, a series created by Norm Architects and Danish brand Paper Collective, is exemplary minimalist print work. The project forms a tribute to the decay and imperfection of whose beauty is often overlooked in nature, architecture and design, and typically being pushed away because of its looks. The designers created 4 prints which show the closest detail of the leaves and allows us to notice the finest detail in the form of a leaf.

The images of the tarnished leaves were shot with the new XF 100 MP Phase One Camera system on glass sheets, that provides an incredible amount of detail and precision that gives the opportunity to see the perfect lines, veins that nature has created itself. It shows how we can find the beauty in something so small and show it in a minimalistic way. The four prints highlight the leaf's complex structure and its network of veined lines in detail. Also, the grey tones that were chosen for the prints also reflect the calmness of nature and create a very relaxing mood as we look at the works. Although the leaves may not be on the point of dematerialisation — extremely faint and fragile — they still possess and undiminished poise and strength of character.

The works can become a perfect detail in a minimalistic interior space. It brings calmness, peace and a touch that you need to add to make the room look perfect. I personally love the detailed look of the leaves which can create a perfect balance and connection within one's home.

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