Menu TR Bulb

industrial design

For more than 30 years we’ve been taught to keep learning constantly, and to adapt to any kind of change necessary, in order to lead a successful lifestyle. This comes down to one important form of flexibility: being prepared to move home for work or social life at any time. New technology and affordable transport make this possible, but there are still some important aspects which are pretty slow to adapt to those changes. One is interior design. Moving doesn’t only mean diving into new adventures. It also means finding a new spot for beloved pieces of furniture or lighting, and making everything work even when the surrounding has changed dramatically.

That’s where a new collaboration between Scandinavian design brand Menu and London-based industrial design studio Tim Rundle comes in. Together they created a new light bulb—a perfect white sphere—which can be fitted in almost all standard sockets. It is beautiful, it is adaptable and you can tailor it to any kind of old or new interior idea that you might come up with. Concealed within matte white opal glass is a large aluminium core that draws heat away from the LEDs, ensuring they last for an incredibly long time, no matter where your life takes you. Tim Rundle says that Menu was the perfect partner to create a new timeless lighting staple like the TR Light Bulb:

It’s so refreshing for a designer to not have to argue the case for paring back a design to it’s most essential form; something Menu truly are masters of.

Being the masters they are, Menu also commissioned a line of highly minimalist, highly adaptable accessories, including wall lights, table lights and a chandelier system. This is a collection catering to those who took the idea of flexibility to heart—a light bulb which is a piece of design in itself plus a set of lights that fits into any kind of interior design, and can be extended or changed anytime you move.

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