London based lifestyle brand Objest has a mission: create thoughtful, personal design without being too serious about it. The focus on high quality objects with a playful twist is what constitutes their name. Objest’s latest collection of wristwatches demonstrates that it is actually possible to take care of material honesty, simplicity and clarity while keeping up the lightheartedness and smart wink so rarely associated with minimalism.

The line of timepieces goes by the name of Hach (which, interestingly, is a German neologism translating to a satisfied sigh). The dial is engraved with a three-dimensional hatched pattern which rearranges the twelve indices of a traditional watch face in a new, geometrically refined way.

All five variants of Hach come in carefully chosen colourways, but the black and the silver versions are the most striking ones. However, this is not about minimalist rules, this is about personal love for long lasting objects which are to be worn everyday. So a little bit of colour might actually add to the fun.

Objest are also currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their new beautifully crafted, Swiss automatic watch. If you like it as much as we do, please support them.

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