House in Avanca


Located in Portugal, on a long and rectangular site, is the lovely House in Avanca. Designed by Portuguese architecture firm, the L-shaped home is oriented on the north side of the plot. This dwelling was uniquely designed for its site, with function and privacy in mind.

The irregular site of House in Avanca is not only narrow, but sloping as well. Rather than reconfigure the site for the home, designed the structure atop a large platform. The platform continues to the backyard, forming the base of the infinity pool. Along the west and south sides of the structure open grassy areas provide plenty of space for outdoor activities. A paved courtyard is nestled within the northeast corner of the site, providing a peaceful outdoor space protected from the rest of the neighbourhood.

The two story structure is clad in exposed concrete and warm wood. The concrete also comprises a privacy wall which runs along the building on the street side. The mix of materials helps denote certain areas of the home, like the wood calling attention to the entryways. Within the interior we see bright wood flooring throughout with classic white walls. The finishes are simple so as not to distract from the architecture of the building.

House in Avanca is a thoughtful design that elegantly solves the problem of form versus function on a challenging plot.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio.

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