House in Gamo

Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Suppose Design Office
Shinkenchiku Koubou
Noriyuki Yano

Located in Koshigaya City and nestled between a row of houses that line a river, with rows of cherry blossom trees visible across the street, House in Gamo is a minimalist dwelling with a dark facade and a spacious, open-plan interior that spans three floors. Designed by Suppose Design Office, the architects created a space where the focus is on admiring the view of the landscape—scenery of the city and the river brings a variety of seasonal changes and directs a relaxed life. In true minimalist fashion, the house only adds natural light where it is most needed, using large windows on just one side of the house. The architecture appears to be mindful and intentional, and encourages a very particular living experience.

A simple bedroom is situated on the ground floor and features sliding doors to shut out the light from the large window panes. A solid wood staircase guides you to the second floor; a contemplative space where a hammock invites you to relax and take in the aforementioned views. Continuing up floating stairs to the pavilion-like upper floor, you are met with a beautifully designed kitchen, dining, and lounge area where you experience the feeling of being on the river bank. A home at peace.

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