House in S. Félix da Marinha


Drawn in a very conditioned and rigid plot, adopting the only possible location and implantation area, and with a restricted budget, Portuguese architect Nelson Resende designed House in S. Félix da Marinha. Looking to optimise the area and volume of the property, Resende's design pushed the boundaries, going beyond the initial conditions set to find a fantastic balance between form, function and construction.

The house has two different levels — social uses on the ground floor and private uses on the first floor — and is constructed in a way that reduces visual or physical connection to the east side to a minimum, whilst opening it up to the west, to invite the sun and enjoy the views of the sea and beautiful horizon.

The wonderful and rhythmic exterior translates the gravity of the ground floor with a heavier volume in the connection with the plot, creating a sense of less weight to the clean and white superior volume.

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