GT02 Lamp

industrial design

San Francisco-based architectural design studio Garcia Tamjidi have recently created the GT02 Lamp with simplicity at its core—laid bare in the grace of the lamp’s final form. Beginning with the conceptual origins of form—the line and the plane—the compact table lamp was iterated through a regimen of origami-inspired folding. This visceral process was central; each move can be witnessed by and directly impacts the next.

Comprised of pure aluminium, the production sees a flat sheet cut with a fibre optic laser, accurate to the millimetre, rendered in two dimensions. It is then contoured and formed on a press break with eight tons of bending force wrapping the aluminium sheet around air.

Finished with a clear satin anodised finish, any ambient light in the room reflects off the edges of the lamp with a soft glow, subtly calling out its minimalist form. In GT02 Lamp, the LED bulb is hidden within a dense box of aluminium folded in on itself. At the base, a diagonal plane mediates light as it exits; with its satin finish, the attenuated light catches this plane with a flat wash of warmth, shifting in a moment the visual composition of the lamp as a sculptural object.

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