House in Tsudanuma


House in Tsudanuma is located in Narashino, almost 40 kilometres east of Tokyo, and its terrific design is a work by Fuse Atelier. Created for a couple in their 40s, the design is influenced by zoning restrictions and by the close proximity to a busy road.

The three storey dwelling stands out through its fantastic use of concrete, being robust and solid, but also with a smooth and warm feeling throughout the generous and versatile living spaces, which are connected through a series of sequential volumes by bold stairways.

Outside, the entire building is wrapped by a monolithic façade, to block noise and vibrations from the road, that has characteristic square and circular holes to light up numerous terraces inside. A further external staircase leads to an enclosed roof terrace at the top of the building. Fuse Atelier tells us:

By fully embracing the Minimalist details of concrete, glass, metal and rock, the space is intensified with a distinct sharpness, where the skeleton of the structure becomes visibly apparent.

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