House PS3H


To achieve cohesiveness one must dominate each element, especially when minimalism is the main prerogative. Each chosen material is employed with confidence, but never overshadowing subtle counterparts nor dominating the ambient. Ukraine-based architect Igor Sirotov proposes an absolute exercise of visual unity for House PS3H, a residence tailor-made for social gatherings and resting all the same.

The task to instil amplitude to the main room begins with the glass doors, thus guaranteeing no boundaries between the living room, the kitchen, the garde manger and, surprisingly, the garage. The colour palette is a confident white colour and raw wood; the result brings to mind Scandinavian design. The influence continues as very few elements are present besides the kitchen necessities.

The main bedroom is the place for shelter, with a unique dynamic that reminds us of spa or hotel suites. The limits between sleeping and bathing areas are blurred intentionally. The Japanese influence is present on the bathroom design, as well as the floor mattress. Kudos to the playful, but still nimble, side lamp as the geometric element.

Sirotov managed to command an undeniable minimalist project with various influences and still maintain cohesion with ease.

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