Invisible Bags


Things to do, places to be, and so much more to think about. It is then so important that fashion and accessories are practical for modern living. Even better if these products feature unobtrusive and aesthetic design.

Lithuanian design studio OPPOSETHIS create quiet, utilitarian, and simple accessories for men and women, and it’s their exceptionally well-designed collection of minimalist backpacks with an ‘invisible’ characteristic that must be celebrated. No unnecessary markings or protruding pockets, these all-weather proof backpacks feature a clean and understated appearance that will look good anywhere and on anything.

Our collection is made of thoughtfully designed key pieces which project our personal belief that everyday objects must satisfy both the emotional and the practical needs of life.
OPPOSETHIS has a design philosophy for creating understated objects that are simple to match, easy to maintain, and comfortable to wear, with a belief that beautiful things shouldn’t ask for attention, but instead fit our lives in a way that makes them almost invisible.

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