industrial design

A toolbox is often relegated to dark corners of the cupboard, kept out of sight and out of mind. To add insult to injury the tools are not exactly a reference for contemporary design nor accessibility, it is all about the robust nature of each instrument. That is the starting point for product designer Abidur Chowdhury—how to make amicable tools for the daily use—a true opportunity to redefine what is commonly seen as an intimidating piece of hardware.

The aggressive nature of many tools with their design language often creates an intimidating perception—particularly with novice buyers and users.
Instrumentum is a minimalist proposal for the classic hammer and a set of screwdrivers. The set is visually sleek, with a strong presence through the metallic materials; as the head and neck of the hammer is made of forged steel, guaranteeing durability and resilience for the necessary use. The package design is as charismatic as the tools themselves, aiming for absolute clarity as graphics introduce the interested party to what’s in store. Yet again, a welcome change of pace against the colourful and maximalist counterparts.

Two main characteristics stand out from Instrumentum: its absolute visual cohesion, making for a gorgeous piece of industrial design; and secondly its approachability through soft and streamlined materials and design language. A true case study of minimalism as the reference point for substantial upgrades on daily products.

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