Wood Pavilion

Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China
LIN Architecture
Liu Songkai

LIN Architecture, led by Lin Lifeng, is a cutting-edge design and research institution in Asia, dedicated to space research, design, and education. This space experiment is located near the river in the tourist area of Jiangxin Island in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. After analysing the site, the design focuses on three keywords: ergonomics, Proxemics, and Behaviorology. The scale of human behaviour is one of the concerns of this project. Research on the behaviour of different people is a very good design resource for architects. By observing and understanding the behaviour of people, designers can discover all kinds of possibilities of space.

In this project, the architects deepen and extend the concept of Proxemics, applying it to the category of physical space, discussing how intimate space, private space, social space, and public space are defined and designed at different scales.

The Behaviorology of various elements in the natural environment was studied and explored. Breeze, sunshine, the sound of waves, drizzle, sweet osmanthus fragrance, affecting feelings, perceptions, touch, hearing, visual elements, are the materials of this design.

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