Justessence Perfume

package design

Russian designer Pavel Kulinsky was commissioned by L'Etoiles—the biggest Russian cosmetics and fragrance company—to create the packaging for Justessence. It is a series of nine fragrances and two exclusive kits for young women. Consumers can use a single fragrance or mix and customise them to make one’s own personalised perfume, which is reflected in the brand’s slogan; Create your own scent.

The beautifully minimal packaging design is characterised by using perfect geometric shapes: a cylinder for the bottle and rectangle and triangle for the secondary package—made in heavy weight carton. The triangular package has an asymmetrical cut that makes it singular.

The exterior design stands out by using a monochromatic colour palette and a wonderful matte soft touch coat, where the main protagonist is the brand logo and the name of each fragrance, a peculiar name that encourages you to live fully, laugh, dream, or explore what is around.

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