ROOT x Paul Jung

art & illustration

Paul Jung is one of those exquisite artists we can’t keep our typing fingers off. After we could praise his work through an extensive feature and interview in our print edition N°2, he just published a new collaboration with studio ROOT.

ROOT is a full service photography studio in New York and thus an environment Jung is naturally familiar with. This shoot adds a new tone to the photographer's signature minimalist approach. It adds a glance behind the scenes. While the portraits of dancers Samuel Lee Roberts and Jacquelin Harris in motion introduce the intensely emotional and sculptural aspect so deeply embedded into Jung’s work, he also chose to include silhouettes and minimalist details of equipment and support so crucial to his work.

I think it was great to see [the equipment] on the same plane and importance as the dancers. They all become, let’s say, a part of a set of brushes for an artist to use together. —Root Blog, January 19, 2017

Brushes are an apt analogy in this context, as the style of the images is not showing the pragmatic aspect of the props around the art, but displaying them as a meditation on a dance of objects around humans. A meditation which radiates the aura of Asian brush calligraphy which is all about using the given tool set correctly in order to create a deeper insight into life itself.

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