KNTR Collection

Studio HHID

You might have heard of the term soft minimalism. It is a term that was arguably introduced in Scandinavia by the likes of MENU and Norm Architects among others. It essentially communicates a fusion of design influences and aesthetics of different cultures with comfort and warmth as guiding principles. Although it is often used in reference to an interior design, it can also be applied to individual product designs, particularly furniture.

Art and design studio HHID presents their KNTR collection; a family of minimal outdoor furniture pieces. The collection consists of a stool, a low chair, and a coffee table. Unified by a linear yet soft design language, the pieces are intended to integrate themselves naturally in a residential outdoor environment.

The stool and low chair are constructed from steel rods, which are bent to shape and welded. Structural rods make up their silhouettes while thinner steel rods create the seating surface. A uniform textured black powdercoat celebrates the graphical character of the pieces. The stool’s low backrest functions as a handle which contributes to its approachable appearance, while emphasising a mobile nature and allowing for effortless stacking.

The coffee table is made from coated maple wood panels, which are laminated to a PU-textile. This assembly provides a vertical structure while allowing for the table top to fold naturally over the base. Informed by shapes in nature and a playful take on traditional wireframe furniture, the seats and the table share soft yet controlled surfaces created through linear materials.

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