Monochrome Home

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White loves black. Black loves white. Exploiting their symbiotic relationship builds an interior that is timeless, flexible, practical, and liberating. Sought-after interior stylist Hilary Robertson explores the exciting opportunities of a monochrome home, with enchanting photography by Pia Ulin.

In the first chapter, The Monochrome Palette, Hilary analyses five different monochrome schemes, providing mood boards for different effects: In Black and White, Grey Matters, Shades of Pale, Dark Looks, and In the Mix. Following on, Let there be Light provides examples of interiors with a whiter, brighter approach, while The Dark Room visits homes that have employed darker monochrome palettes. Next, in Monochrome Home, Hilary Robertson shows how to bring the look right up to date, visiting 13 fabulously inspiring homes of artists, architects, and designers across the globe from London to Paris, Copenhagen, rural Sweden, and NYC.

This is a highly recommended read if you are thinking about furnishing your home in black and white.

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