SALA Samui Chaweng Beach Resort


Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the island of Koh Samui is famous for its white sandy beaches, dense rainforests, eclectic gastronomy, high-end spas, and trendy hotels. Amidst such a lavish landscape of leisure and nature stands SALA’s Samui Chaweng Beach Resort, an impressive project by local-architecture studio Onion. 

The 138-room hotel was blessed not only with a gorgeous landscape and panoramic beach, but with a detail oriented project encompassing all elements from the interior design, to the courtyard, swimming pools, the lighting, and hand-picked decor. After five years in production, the hotel was unveiled with a strong minimalist identity based around absolute amplitude and a contemporary remix of hotels from the 1930's. 

Two main elements are the true highlights of SALA’s hotel: the outer shell clad with a gorgeous pattern of arches and expressive angles; and the minimalist interior design of each room. 

The interior design achieves a rare feat inside the grand scheme of a resort, it captures the feeling of a villa with its bucolic atmosphere with ease. It offers a sparse arrangement with slight hints of handcrafted elements and modern furniture. In addition, almost every room has a private swimming pool with a unique design.

The white treatment brings a joyful tone to the resort, alongside the abundance of skylights and vast windows in all sections of the facade. It is a clear example of how a strong minimalist vision can offer the best of each element, achieving the most pure version of hotel aesthetics.

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