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graphic design

Vilde Moen Hudson is a graphic designer based in Norway, who achieved a BA in both her home country as well as in the UK. About her work, she says that it’s considerably affected by the respective national style influences. Balancing those two, Hudson published a book called - + which tries to convey a definition of minimalism by going deeper than simply displaying monochrome, reduced surfaces.

…minimalism is not easy to define. It is a concept, a set of rules that change in relation to different situations.

With - + Vilde Moen Hudson approaches the essence of minimalism, by mixing techniques that explore the deeper character of this movement. - + is an exceptional publication, touching and soothing your senses perfectly. Hudson disassembles and recomposes the rules of minimalist graphic design in a way that fully exposes their effect while still making sure to create an intuitive and aesthetically sophisticated experience. It is a guidebook and a stunning piece of art at the same time.

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