C_29 / Optimist


314 Architecture Studio has designed a modern eyewear store in a crumbling building in the town of Chalkida, Greece. The store, C_29 / Optimist, was designed with the concept of a gallery space to showcase the eyewear for sale. The structure appears as a floating cube squeezed between two aged brick walls.

Remnants of the old building are apparent; exposed brick runs the length of the shop and acts as a kind of ramshackle decor. The structure gets plenty of natural light due to its open front and a skylight that spans the length of the ceiling. The light is reflected in the many mirrored surfaces, creating a lustrous aura throughout.

The store is monochromatic, but the whitewashed surfaces provide more than enough captivating textures. Painted brick pair with new sheetrock, both grounded by polished concrete floors. The centrepiece of the room, again in white, is a modish display table. This vanguard feature gives the vibe of a spotlight sculpture in a gallery. Glass tables along the perimeter hold freestanding mirrors. A mirror is an object with a simple enough function, but in this design they are elevated to additional artworks in this gallery-store.

It makes sense to design a store in the tradition of a gallery. After a time in a store with this aesthetic, who wouldn't want to take home a small bit of the artistry?

In the shop