Nimu Roma

package design

Founded in Roma in 2015, Nimu Roma—also known simply as NIMU—is an Italian home textiles company inspired by the Mediterranean light and Roman Architecture. It merges traditional textile methods with innovative techniques to create understated sober luxury for everyday moments. Influenced by Numa Pompilius and Roman mythology, the company explains:

NIMU’s core values are related to Rome, its architecture, and particularly by the master work of Vitruvius, “De Architectura”. His famous Triad—FIRMITAS, UTILITAS, VENUSTAS—works as the ethos for every product of the company.
Designed by German branding and corporate studio Deutsche & Japaner, NIMU’s identity and packaging perfectly reflects the values and characteristics of the Nimu Roma brand and its products—tradition, luxury, quality, and sustainability—and makes use of a beautiful serif typeface for the logo and simple, all-white packaging that features an elegant detail when unboxing.

Beyond the tangible experience and design details of the packaging, NIMU’s approach to production is one to be admired. All energy used for their textile products is 100% Green energy, they have reduced their water usage when making each towel by 46%, reduced their energy usage by 41%, and ensure all manufacturing done in Italy and Portugal meets all EU regulations for everyone involved in the production process.

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