Pet Lamp

Lukas Avenas

Lithuanian industrial designer Lukas Avenas has created a light-hearted lighting design titled Pet Lamp. The table or floor lamp is shaped to represent a minimal and slimline silhouette of a small dog with an elongated neck. The lamp features a simple rotating feature to allow the head of the lamp to illuminate in multiple vertical positions. The body and legs are composed of single metal bent bars and tube for the body which reinforce the minimalist approach. The power cable runs through the body and acts as the tail of the dog, which is a fun element to the design.

We spoke to Lukas about what lies behind his approach to design:

When I was little I thought design is all about making pretty things that make people happy. When I grew up and started studying design, I thought it was about solving problems, developing technologies, and finding complex solutions. During my master's degree studies I began to think a lot about how the objects that I find the most precious and meaningful are actually the least useful. I wrote my thesis about the importance of symbolic objects that have the power to help our mind focus, stay present and inspire. I find the most exciting products to be the ones that simply bring a little bit of joy and inspiration. Probably similar to what Oki Sato of Nendo describes as the "!" moment.

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