Parat Table System

Birkan Gülöz

Thinking about workspace fundamentals in a traditional office setup, whether at home or in a shared space, we first need to consider the desk. Although the physical desk might not be the most essential element to a setup, it is nevertheless an important one. It is your canvas from which to work and your personalised space to focus and organise yourself. German and Cologne-based design studio JBNG, led by duo Birkan Gülöz and Jonas Nussbaum, have developed a minimal desk solution that allows for generous storage and room for customised configuration.

Parat is a series of steel mobile table frames in various sizes. The main focus lies in utilising simplicity as a concept to extend practicality, allowing it to flexibly serve the needs of working and living spaces.

The tripodal Parat trestle can be assembled without needing additional tools and is combinable with any kind of tabletop. The Parat table frame can be mounted with only four screws. Should more storage space be required, a tray area and suitable trays can be added, allowing you to set it up according to your needs. Compared to other, more complex multi-part systems, the Parat table system focuses on essential needs and easy handling.

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