Villa Vingt


Canada-based studio Bourgeois/Lechasseur Architects has designed an exciting new modern mountain home. Villa Vingt is located on a hillside in Northern Québec, at the edge of a ski resort.

With a dark façade, strong angles, and brightly light terraces, Villa Vingt was designed to stand out rather than fit in to its snowy setting. The home contrasts beautifully against the woods and hillside while the natural materials and large sloped roof pay respect to the environment and traditional building practices.

The dark wood from the façade continues on the interior, accented with light wood, tile, and poured concrete. The main living area is a great room defined by a central fireplace. The metal fireplace, backed by a concrete wall, defines a recessed sitting room to its front, and the kitchen and dining area on the side. The stairs are tucked away behind the raw concrete wall yet still manage to make a statement. Large windows wrap around the entire space, connecting the home with the breathtaking landscape.

I'm obsessed with the structure of this home. The stark geometric building features a tricky cantilever, overhanging roof, and sharp angles. The design is intentionally bold, and it pays off in a memorable home that is as liveable as it is beautiful.

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