Malaysian clothing label ULTRA, who specialise in sustainability in leading fashion have designed ULTRA 10 - the ten piece wardrobe. ULTRA and sustainability leaders LOHAS, Greenovate and The Wellness Works collaborated to produce a core wardrobe of ten pieces for 365 days of the year.

The made-to-order women's collection, which is made of organic and recycled fabrics includes; a vest, a backless top, a cropped top, a white shirt/dress, a skirt, a top/dress, stretch pants, cotton trousers, a 2-in-1 blazer, and a 3-in-1 dress-jacket-skirt.

What I really like about the idea behind this collection is that not only is it practical in a space-saving sense, but also in an economical and environmental sense. You may return your pieces at any time for mending, recycling, upcycling or donation.

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