White Stripe

Gerhardt Kellermann

In product design, it is perhaps lighting that allows the greatest scope in form. There is no design archetype, really. As long as the object emits light in one way or another, it performs its intended function. With this in mind, a minimalist lighting object simply means finding the purist form to produce a very specific lighting effect. A beautiful example of this lies in the form of German studio Relvãokellermann’s cylindrical White Stripe.

We believe, the ideal form results from functional optimisation. We consistently avoid decoration. The shape of a particular object has to result from its construction and its handling.

White Stripe is a vertical LED light beam measuring 240x65mm and is designed to emphasise details on interior architecture. Comprised of milled and anodised aluminium and weighing just 2.05kg, the product was a limited edition developed as a commission on the occasion of the Kunstverein München Jahresgaben 2019 and was available for purchase directly at the event.

Jahresgaben is an important moment for the Kunstverein, to bring the local contemporary art scene together in Munich, to see and discuss their work, and for members to support that scene, while also benefiting from the chance to purchase artworks. As always, 50% of each sale directly supports the artist, 45% supports the Kunstverein, and the remaining 5% goes towards social insurance for artists.

Led by Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann, the small Relvãokellermann studio was founded in Munich in 2014. They work in the fields of industrial design, spatial design, art direction, and consultancy.

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