Belas Clube de Campo House


Sintra is a resort town at the very edge of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains, near the capital, Lisbon. It is known for its intensely coloured villas and Palaces. At the very opposite of the spectrum is another popular facet of the country's identity, very much present in the city: its undeniable penchant for white and geometric villas as a widespread aesthetic. It is a celebrated characteristic that’s been making waves in the architecture and design world for years now. Belas Clube de Campos House bids its way in to Sintra’s colourful urban environment.

BICA Arquitectos instilled a distinctive identity with an undeniable facade as the core identity of the dwelling. Its horizontal form factor is striking, and visually it achieves a weightless illusion, which is surprising considering its scope. It is a pure white volume with the daring intrusion of a single window at the right extremity.

On the inside, one may notice how it faultlessly expands on the same visual sensibilities of the outer shell, making for a cohesive experience inside and out. Burnt cement flooring and stark white ambients delivers a timeless take on modernist staples. A feature that is worth noting is the central stairs, becoming a protagonist with ease.

The ground floor social area leads to a stone-clad patio with fireplace, some handpicked vegetation, and a gorgeous pool with concrete edges. Offering the tranquility of a vacation home and a perfectly suited residence for the everyday hustle as well.

Belas Clube de Campo House dares to push the envelope even further; mixing the contemporary Portuguese influence with a quasi-futuristic identity. This villa wouldn’t look out of place as a well-designed sci-fi film location, and that speaks volumes. This is minimalism brimming with personality, which some might say is a rare treat.

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