package design

With over 300 years of history, Chiyonokame—which means thousand years turtle—is a sake brewery that commissioned Japanese art director and designer Yuta Takahashi to redesign the seasonal sake Hime Nigori and Hime Hanabi. We invited Yuta Takahashi to explain the design a little more:

Our symbol is inspired by a turtle facing us, grains of rice and a rice paddy. The white label is reminiscent of rice grains, and we created a simple typography that matches the blank space no matter what scenery is paired with it.
Considering the additional meanings of the design, the pink glass represents blooming sakura, the blue glass representing the sky and sea during the summer, and the frosted glass bottle evokes the imagery of a fine Japanese sake.

In short, modern and contemporary design with a lot of symbolism is typical in Takahashi's work, paying a respectful and fitting tribute to the rich history of the sake culture on Japan.

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