Miyake Smartphone

industrial design

A collaborative project between Japanese designers Kazushige Miyake and Daisuke Ishigami, we take a closer look at a sleek, unobtrusive, and minimal smartphone design for Japan’s premier mobile operator DOCOMO. Conceived in 2017, the designers aimed to create a product that could be called a standard amongst all of the numerous smartphones around. In order to achieve this, they considered what was optimal in terms of tools that people use regularly, and reexamined each and every aspect.

The product was afforded a square form in line with the square screen, with careful consideration given to the proportions so as to achieve an aspect ratio that appeared natural. The surrounding casing has been attributed with free-flowing curves that feel comfortable and secure in the user’s hand.

The colour is neither jet black nor stark white, but rather a various shades of grey. By not positioning the logo on the back you can alleviate the sense of electronic equipment a little—for example, when placed face down on a desk, it looks like a piece of stationery. Every aspect of this product has been fine-tuned—this standard is one that feels easily accessible to the user.

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