Tack Console and Bench


We are quite used to seeing narrow benches and console tables line the hallways of our homes, but it’s not the only place these versatile and functional pieces can be placed. They can become a beautiful accent of your working area or even a practical piece in your bedroom.

The Tack Collection, which includes the Bench and Console Table, were designed by New York design studio Uhuru, and can be characterised by their geometric form and durable material. Commanding and refined, the Tack Console and the Bench charts a zig-zagging course in welded sheets of hand-blackened steel. The Tack Console makes for a striking entryway or reception room centrepiece, while the Tack Bench can become a furniture staple and at the same time an art object.

As both pieces are unsurprisingly heavyweight due to their materials, the narrow Tack Console comes with safety brackets used to fasten to the wall. Both pieces can be finished in black brass, bright brass, or antique brass. These robust materials are the perfect option to achieve strong yet understated looking pieces for your interior space.

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