South Yarra House

South Yarra, Australia
Winter Architecture
Lead Design
Cara Rodrigues
Tatjana Plitt

South Yarra townhouse is a reset, realignment, and reinvigoration of a previously cumbersome 90s era townhouse. The design by collaborative Australian studio, Winter Architecture, reflects a process of removal and consolidation. Adding carefully and beautifully, where absolutely necessary.

Approaching the facade of this townhouse, we are met with a striking charcoal geometric structure. The contemporary dark finish to the house is supported by black painted window frames and balustrade, which exudes a newfound subtlety and simplicity in the tree-lined street.

Entering South Yarra House, we immediately see the result of an intentionally minimal approach to the interior design. Winter Architecture sought to strip out unnecessary cornices, ornamentation, and other gratuitous elements that cluttered the limited space. The structural design is focused on making the best use of natural light, inviting nature into the living spaces and framing a wonderful connection to the garden area.

Making use of double-height windows not only offers an abundance of natural light and a better connection to nature, but it also gives a sense of more space. The interior can breathe easily, and when working within space constraints, this becomes all the more important to the ambience its inhabitants experience.

As we continue our way through the house, there is a cohesiveness to the interior. Essentialism and simplicity are at play throughout, with the stripping of unnecessary elements from the previous floorplan giving a strong sense of serenity and lightness. Making use of natural materials and contrasting furniture balance the interior beautifully.

South Yarra House is a fine example of taking a mindful and simple approach to residential architecture, resulting in a refined and functional home.

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