Kuru Kuru

Naoto Fukasawa
Alberto Alessi

I decided to commence this design exploration, which is also the start of a new brand called Il Tornitore Matto (The Mad Turner), because examining origins seems to be a useful road toward the future. I refer to Alice in Wonderland because I aspire to feel free, at least for a moment, from the typical restrictions of industrial production, to demonstrate that an ancient production process with many technical limits, can allow human creativity to obtain astonishing results.

– Alberto Alessi

The collection of diverse objects by ALESSI is an ongoing project. It’s the first chapter of an exploration that Alberto Alessi has decided to undertake for the pleasure of discovering new territories where designers and entrepreneurs are free to establish the rules of the creative process autonomously. A number of designers have contributed to this project including, Pierre Charpin, Federico Angi, Michael Anastassiades, and Nika Zupanc among others. The designs are made up of bowls, trays, glasses, and vases.

This water and wine set by the prolific Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is a study in simplicity that reinterprets the shapes of universally traditional objects of daily use. Composed of a carafe, water cup, wine cup and tray, all made in 18/10 stainless steel.

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